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I wanted to share an email from Jason who I have known for a few months and learn each day from him. So when my phone pings and I see the name Jason, I am quick to see what is the latest info is. A new product to launch, upcoming challenge, the best info name it, Jason has shared it!!!

Since joining Affiliate Triad, I experience sales never seen or achieved before and the best part is, each month is something new, so each time you keep learning, getting insight and exposure to the Online Marketing World. Rubbing shoulders "figuratively" with 6 & 7 figure achievers, promoting their courses, their products, their software's etc.... ALL under the guidance and know how of Jason & Wil.

Jason's message: - "I’ve been talking with my customers a lot in the last few months - especially those who are trying hard to earn their first real money online. 

Almost to a person, I’ve noticed the following issue that gets in the way of their success. 

Let me set up this lesson with a cliche - “climbing the ladder of success.” I’m sure you’ve heard the saying. But what if the ladder you're climbing is leaning on the wrong building? This means whether you reach the top or not, you’ll fail. 

Yes, even if you succeed you fail.

In marketing speak, you could have the best product, the best sales copy, and the best traffic generation scheme the world has ever known, but if you’re missing this one piece - you’ll fail. 

What is it? Simple - it’s who you target. 

Most audiences online, no matter what you say or do, will never buy from you in a way that can make you profitable. I’ve been humbled by this myself many times, thinking that because I’m “the” Jason Fladlien I can somehow pull off the impossible. (Spoiler: I couldn’t.) 

To put it another way, it’s hard to sell the cure for insomnia to someone who sleeps like a baby. It’s hard to sell bibles to atheists, and it’s hard to sell capitalism to communists. 

It’s also hard to sell to people who can’t easily buy things online. Many parts of the world have trouble even reliably getting on the internet. This is true even in 1st world countries. Case in point, I heard 9% of kids in my children’s school district don’t have an internet connection at home (nor do they have a computer). 

Places like TikTok are great for getting likes and views of short video clips, but over half of its user base is under the age of 18. 

What’s happening in internet marketing is gurus are...

handing you the keys to the car without first teaching you how to drive it.

In other words - before I have you do it on your own, I should first do some of it for you. Or maybe most of it. Or maybe damn near all of it. 

And maybe, because I like you, call in some favors to make it even easier than it could ever be. Okay, I’ll do that too. And here’s how:


In this live virtual event, I’m going to do several things to help you make sure you're climbing a ladder leaning on the right building. Even better, I don’t like climbing ladders - I did too much of that when I used to paint houses (my last “real” job). 

We’ll take the elevator to success to reach the roof of the right building. And we’ll do it in style. 

First though, you have to know how this industry works - not how you’ve been told it works or how it appears to work from the outside looking in - but how the actual sausage gets made. 

Truthfully, I am not happy with the landing page copy I wrote up for this: 


Because it’s only a small aspect of all I plan to show you. 

In fact, the niche-picking portion of it - which I focused on in this email - is one part. But when you have something unique, it’s hard to describe it on a measly little web page because you have no real frame of reference for it.

So yeah - trust me, I got a lot to unpack for you and I figure the best way to do that was in the (virtual) flesh, not in email or a web site."

So join me. We’ll have some fun, too. I promise:


Do you feel like there is simply too much to do to make money online? If so, you’ll love this free upcoming webinar.

You’re going to discover how to tap into a “done for you” system where you’ll do far less to make money online and actually make money online.

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