Amazon is getting ready....are you?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

It only took me a quick glance at the headlines this morning to confirm that Amazon is getting ready for the biggest profit push we’ve ever seen… online, offline, and everywhere in between. 

“Amazon expanding to 25,000 workers in Seattle suburb.”  - U.S. News

“Amazon hiring 33,000 workers for corporate and tech roles with average pay of $150,000.” - U.S.A. Today

“Amazon’s explosive e-commerce growth could accelerate further.”  - Motley Fool

It’s coming in a couple of months - and you have just enough time to get ready if you get going now. 

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Here’s where it gets even better. 

A lot of Amazon sellers (even though 1 in 5 of them sell over $1 million a year) are having their businesses disrupted by the pandemic. The approach I’m going to show you will actually let you thrive - even if things get worse before they get better.

I’ve even figured out a way that can take you - in as little as a week - to automatically have a best-selling product using zero click ordering. Interesting.

Even more importantly…you’ll be selling exactly what Amazon is covertly almost begging for. What does that mean for your bottom line? Profit… Big time. 

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  • An ethical approach to making money with Amazon (most models can be made to work, but they feel scummy. This is quad-winning, which is probably why it works so well.)

  • How just 421 customers sold $510,397,441 of stuff on Amazon with the approach you’ll see here - even though most of these customers had previously never made any real money before.

  • The two-headed nemesis that robs most folks of true Amazon profits and how you can sidestep this trap that claims most wannabe Amazon profit seekers.

  • Jeff Bezos’ secret bet (and how you can cash in on it before September 30th)

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