Ask Yourself This Question!

What is my social media cover asking of my visitors?

Social media covers, they’re just other images, right? Wrong! They are a great way to show off your business and help to promote it. It focuses visitors’ attention on something important for your business.

Ask yourself this question again:

What is my social media cover asking of my visitors?

Launched something new and want to tell your followers? Dual Social media covers, will help with a choice of two cover types: Perhaps an Offer & Holiday/Theme like upcoming Halloween. 

Promote your product or service and Tell your audience what you do.

What is your business trying to achieve? Do you have a sale of end-of-line stock? Are you hosting a webinar? Do you want to grow your email list?

These are some examples of what you might want to achieve. 

Your social media covers can help to support these goals, so think about how you can use them to promote & engage.

Do you know what type of advertising that businesses still spend the most on? Telemarketing.

Everyone hates it. It’s annoying, it’s disruptive, but it is as direct as possible. That’s why it works... even though it lacks grace.

Do I want you to start cold calling? Heck no. In fact, it’d be nice if we can have the opposite occur - where businesses contact you, wanting to give you their money. Think of it as warm responding.

Sounds like a fairy tale, but maybe, due to recent events, it may not be. It can be a reality, if you follow one single strategic principle.... Social Covers creates a strong trust-trigger to open doors for sales with a more robust reputation and traffic services.

AGAIN.... Ask yourself this question: What is my social media cover asking of my visitors?

Everyone is feeling the heat right now. Depending on where you’re from, you might not be able to go to a gym, or a salon, or even eat indoors at a restaurant. Small businesses the world over face unprecedented challenges... so I would like to help by offering a FREE Social Cover.

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