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Did you know… there really aren't any laws which force airline pilots to wear uniforms?

It’s true!

If a pilot wanted to fly you in their underwear, technically they could legally do it!

Sure, they’d be fired since most airlines have it in their contracts that the pilots must wear this or that when they’re flying… but legally, there probably wouldn’t be a problem with it. (Yeah, this is not legal advice. So if you’re a pilot considering flying in your underwear, consult with an attorney.)

Jokes aside, this gets me thinking about your typical online business.

See, in the old days, pilots wore whatever they wanted. As long as they looked somewhat presentable. The same applied to boat crews on ferries.

However back then, things were also way different when it came to travel.

The passengers had a clear view of the flight crew on their controls.

They had a clear view of the ship crew steering the boat.

Security was not nearly as strict as it is now.

Then one day, the airlines realized something:

If the customers can see the crew…

then maybe they could “enhance the experience” by having the crew in uniform!

It makes sense when you think about it.

Why do you think doctors wear those lab coats anyway?

Of course it’s for hygiene reasons, but also because when you see a person in a lab coat, your mind instantly switches to “I trust this person” mode.

Likewise, when pilots started wearing uniforms, the passengers started feeling that much safer.