Copy and Paste and Start Earning

I want you to watch the webinar I watched yesterday here: 


Specifically, I want you to write down a list of small businesses that you like and have done business with in the past. i.e Dentist, Restaurants, Veterinary, Garden Maintenance, Hairdresser etc

Then I want you to send a message like this:

“I’m a customer of yours and I appreciate what you do. Also, I’m a social media consultant and noticed you could make improvements on your social media cover images. I created a cover for your Facebook page that would help you get more customers. Tell me where to send it and I’ll shoot it over.” 

Upon reply (you’ll be amazed at how many replies you get!), respond with this:

“Here it is. Also, my team did a redesign of all of your social media covers. Since they’re done already, I can pass these on to you at my cost - $[x]. Let me know if that’s doable or if I should have the team delete them.”  

You can get paid quick and easy for this, and if you use the software showen toward the middle of the webinar, you can get paid hundreds of dollars a pop for something that takes you a few minutes at most to do. 

Oh yeah, and it’s recurring revenue, too - even though you did the “work” once. 

And now is the best time to do this, for two reasons, both of which is disclosed here:


If you would like to give big value to someone who will happily send you money for it, and you can make it happen in 24 hours or less from now, then this is for you

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