Discover what “funnel type” is right for your business

Are you using the WRONG Funnel Type for your business?

“One funnel can change your business.”

If you’ve heard this promise before…

That building ONE high-converting funnel can make all the difference in your business…

Well, it’s TRUE.


You have to build the RIGHT Funnel for YOUR business.

Someone selling an online membership needs a DIFFERENT funnel than someone with an e-commerce business.

And that’s just ONE example.

Ryan Levesque has created a 2-minute quiz to help you Discover What Type of “Funnel” is Right for Your Business.

Click here to take the 2-minute quiz now!

Ryan is the EXPERT when it comes to creating quizzes…

And being in 23 different niches with over $100M in sales…

He knows what it takes to build funnels that CONVERT in all different types of markets.

So if you want to build ONE funnel that will work for you on auto-pilot…

Or you already have a funnel and you’re wondering if you’ve built the WRONG one…

You will want to take this quiz RIGHT NOW!

Take the “Funnel Type” Quiz Now!

People LOVE taking quizzes.

Look at the millions of quizzes online and you’ll see...people LOVE learning more about ONE subject in particular (Me, Myself, and I!)


According to TIME Inc., 40% of the words we say in our lives are about ourselves. Additionally, we release a hormone called serotonin that helps us regulate our moods, sleep, learning ability among other things.

From Buzzfeed quizzes about what type of cheese you are, to more “serious” assessments like the Kolbe and Strengthsfinder…

Quizzes and assessments give us insight into our strengths and weaknesses (and what Hogwarts house we should be in). So far, so good.


Quizzes can ALSO be a great way to build and scale your business, by driving a huge amount of leads and sales.

But only when you do them right.

And if you want to do things right, it only makes sense to learn from the best in the world.

Ryan Levesque, the best-selling author of ASK and Choose, is the expert when it comes to building quizzes.

He has just built a brand new quiz that will tell you, in 2 minutes or less…

What Type of “Funnel” is Right for Your Business.

Click here to take the 2-minute quiz now!

See, based on your type of Business, Industry, Product, and Price Point of what you’re selling…

There are 27+ DIFFERENT marketing funnels that could be right for you.

This 10 Question Quiz will not only tell you WHICH funnel is right for YOUR business…

Ryan will ALSO give you a funnel Template diagramming your funnel…

PLUS a Real Life Case Study to see an example of this exact type of funnel in action!

Tell Me What Type of Funnel is Right For Me!

The “Holy Grail” of marketing (free quiz!)

If you’re trying to build or scale a business online, you need a process…

That will take someone from a lead to a customer automatically.

In other words, a sales funnel.

And if you already have one, you know how valuable they can be - when they WORK.

Because when you have a funnel that converts, you can “turn on the traffic” and grow and scale your business to the next level.

Here’s the thing:

Not all funnels are created equal.

And depending on your Business, Industry, Product, and Price Point of what you’re selling…

There are 27+ DIFFERENT marketing funnels that could be right for you.

Even if you already HAVE a funnel - you MIGHT have built the WRONG funnel for your type.

And if you’ve got a funnel that converts?

You’ll STILL want to check this out:

Ryan Levesque, creator of the ASK Method and co-founder of the software, is the expert when it comes to creating high-converting funnels.

And he’s put together a quick ASSESSMENT to show you WHICH type of funnel is right for your business.

I’ve taken the quiz and it’s SPOT ON!

Take the QUIZ and get your results in just 2 minutes from now!

So if you’re CURIOUS as to what funnel type is right for you…

(And you want Ryan to GIVE YOU his best-converting templates and examples for your type)...

You’ll want to take the quiz NOW because it’s only going to be up for a few more days!

Take the Funnel Type Quiz now

The Power of Asking...

Your Quiz Questions help you tap into the power of asking your Quiz Takers for their preferences, concerns, challenges, demographic data and more. Your Quiz Questions are the Bridge between your Quiz Hook and your Quiz Offer.

They are the heart of your Quiz where you help people feel seen, heard and understood. In this Lesson we cover the 4 Quiz Question Types; the 3 Ways to Diagnose and the step-bystep process for creating your Quiz Questions. I can’t wait to share this with you!

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