don’t have an email list? good!

Most people I’ve talked to about this, firmly believe that…

Before you succeed online, before you even make a dime, you need to build an email list the size of several small towns. 

(The average town population in the U.S. is 6,200 - and if you tell those people that you have an email list of “just" 6,200 subscribers, they’ll scoff at you and tell you to 2x, 3x, 10x that in order to have any chance of success!)

Another one that makes me laugh is… 

“You need to be an expert on X in order to be able to sell people something related to X.” 

If that were true, we would never be able to buy bread… because I seriously doubt that people who own Whole Foods or Costco are experts on every type of bread. Yet, they still sell it to us… successfully. 

Yet another thing these people will tell you is that you need to have the “right” industry connections, you need to go to conferences all the time, schmooze, and shake hands, and maybe eventually you’ll be invited to after-event parties where all the deals are made and the secret info is shared. By the way, this one… may not be so far off. 

But for the most part, people who will tell you won’t be able to succeed before you do this, that, or another thing… 

They’ve Been Deceived.

I made a very smart investment earlier this year, where I got direct access to one of the industry’s top affiliates… and the information he shared has been eye opening.

The so-called "traffic experts” struggle to get 200 people to show up on a webinar. 

Influencers like to dazzle you with the number of likes, followers, and subscribers, yet those influencers never show up on promotional leaderboards.

You know who does show up?

Sure, you get a bunch of hard-nosed pros on there, who have been at this for years. 

You know who else shows up all the time…

Leaving all the influencers and industry know-it-alls scratching their heads?

People whose lists don’t exist. Whose marketing skills are not worth mentioning. Yet, they do one - and often only one - thing right. 

The story is almost eerily similar every single time you see someone unknown totally crushing it on a leaderboard. 

Most often, they were just a customer of a product, bought it, loved it so much they enthusiastically promoted it, and lo and behold - they sold tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands purely off their passion for the product. 

How Is That Possible?

The math just works. Most products worth promoting launch at $2,000 or so, and offer 50% to an affiliate per sale.

To get top 10 on leaderboards (and this is something most people don’t know) you only need 25ish sales. Which means $25,000 in your pocket. Only 25 people. 

Picking up 25 sales is often not a big deal. Most of these people hang out in small, tight-knit communities. Or, sometimes, they’re so excited about the product they harp to friends and family about it - and just purely on that, they pick up 10, 20, or more sales.

The Key...

Once you start picking products that you have access to and can get excited about… you won’t need a big list anymore, or jump through any other hoops you might’ve heard about are your “prerequisites” to success online.

How do you get access to not one, not two, but potentially dozens of high ticket products to evaluate and promote?

Remember I mentioned I made a very smart investment earlier this year?

Well, here are all the details - watch this:


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Product review access is just one benefit… a small one if you can believe that.

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