Forget Low hanging fruit

This morning I ordered a weird product from Amazon - a flirt pole. It’s a dog training tool. I saw it on a YouTube video, opened up my Amazon app and in about 11 seconds I bought it. It should be here by 9pm tomorrow. 

You should be selling in this type of environment where someone like me can - on a whim, and in seconds, for a super obscure product - buy from you. 

Buuuuut… you shouldn’t sell a flirt pole that has zero reviews and sales and isn’t anywhere to be found on Amazon. 

You could sell the “Squishy Face Studios” branded flirt pole which ranks at the top of Amazon for the best search terms, has 1,867 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars and could net you $4,696.38 in profit each and every month. 

What I’m talking about here is not low hanging fruit...

You’d have to still reach up to pick that. I’m talking about fruit rolling around on the ground that you’re accidentally kicking around when you can just crouch down and grab it all up. 

How you go about doing this is laid bare to you here:


The big question is whether the brand owner (Squishy Face Studios) would make it easy for you to resell their product on Amazon. 

They might. They might not. The only way to know is to ask - and the easiest way to ask in with a one sentence email. I’ll give you the email here as well as the four outcomes such an email produces. 

Using our free done-for-you website will increase your chances of landing these products as a reseller (a $1,200 value). Tapping into the VA Placement bonus - where you can have trained virtual assistants who are familiar with the process do it for you - that’s another way to go about it. 

Or using any and all of the bonuses, in addition to the killer training you get with The Wholesale Formula - sure, that can help. 

Or you can keep it simple, like the... 

421 Wholesale Formula customers did who still pulled over half a billion dollars in sales

 (the current number is actually now over a billion!)

If you wait more than 39 hours from the time I write this, you won’t be able to do any of this. So check it out now and get signed up while there’s still time:


Note - that countdown timer on the page is real and legit. It’s final. I don’t do that stock internet marketer crap where I close it for a day or two then come up with some excuse to re-open it for another bite at the apple. 

No servers will crash. No second chances. No gimmicks. 

My word is my bond. And it’s telling you to…



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