FREE VA for a year! - Never seen a BONUS offer like this

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

It’s called VA Placement and the "VA" stands for Virtual Assistant. It’s closed to the public. When it re-opens, it will cost at least $97 for the first month plus $47 a month after that. 

You’ll get a full year for free. 

And what is VA Placement? 

It’s a service that provides you with highly trained virtual assistants who know the ins and outs of Amazon and the The Wholesale Formula. They’ve been screened, vetted, tested and have all graduated from “Virtual Assistant University.” 

They can find you product after product that you can resell on Amazon. They can manage the listings and inventory for you, as well as Amazon customer service. 

Plus, you can even have them do whatever else you want in your Amazon business, as they are not only Amazon-savvy, they’ve proven they are able to learn and follow instructions. 

Best of all, VA Placement handles all the invoicing, monitoring of your VA’s hours, and all that other tedious stuff that goes with outsourcing. 

In a nutshell:

you get the best virtual assistants to do a lot of your Amazon Wholesale business for you 

...and you pay a flat fee of $4 per hour with - get this - just a 5 hours per week minimum. In other words, for $20 you can have someone who is proven to scout all of your products for you on Amazon.

You can even have them reach out to the brands, too. And heck, while you’re at it, have them learn how to use all of the other bonuses and tools I give to you (for free) when you sign up for The Wholesale Formula:


Oh, and these VAs get continuing education, too, meaning that if something hot or new comes out on Amazon, VA Placement will train your VA on it. 

You would not believe the effort and number of hours we put in to negotiate this special bonus for you because (1) it’s closed to everyone else and (2) it normally costs $661 to get access to the VAs. 

But we pushed hard for it because one of our customers began using it, and just raved and raved about how good it was. So we checked it out and started using it, too. 

And now it’s your turn:


I think this is a complete game changer for you.

Here’s why:

  • I think you can easily shave 80% of your time off this business model using VA Placement. Maybe more.

  • You have no “tech” excuses because the VAs know all the Amazon tech. Admittedly there isn’t much tech to know on Amazon, but the thought of the tech can scare folks… and so now that is not an issue.

  • The Wholesale Formula is a formula, and so it’s easy to hand it over to others to do most of it for you. 

And when you combine it with these free bonuses:

  1. Done for you “wholesaling” website - to land brand accounts with ease.

  2. Manage By Stats - the best software for wholesaling, I got it for you for free.

  3. Seller Mail - another great software to give you a wholesaling advantage that brands can’t resist.

  4. Listing Level Up - I’ve personally optimized more seven-figure Amazon listings than anyone on the planet… now my genius goes to work for you.

  5. Keyword Radar - I don’t use software to find those hidden money keywords for Amazon listings. Instead, I do something much more powerful that you can now do as well…

  6. Brand Bait - just like the right bait catches the right fish, this “in minutes” lead magnet pulls in brands to you that will, just by a simple response, bring you passive income streams.

  7. PPC Entourage - Amazon ads, when done right, are a goldmine. It’s just super hard to do correctly...until you put this software automation tool to use.

  8. Margins - Amazon is so big, it often overcharges its sellers or misaccounts for extra profits you deserve. Margins is the go-to software to recover those otherwise lost profits.

  9. Search. Find. Buy. This is our flagship Amazon course that we offer for $1,997, that you get for free with The Wholesale Formula, because it pairs perfectly with wholesaling. 

Well there you go - your unfair advantage to become unstoppable on Amazon: