Giving Away $2,000 On This Live Webinar

The New "Rules" Of Internet Marketing

And Why We're Giving Away $2,000 On This Live Webinar

Almost everything you know about digital marketing is up for grabs. While 2021 brings a whole new set of opportunities it also presents challenges... and if you think what you learned in 2020 will get you through... think again.

Jason Fladlien is declaring 2021 to be the YEAR OF THE SHOVEL. Furthermore, He believes most gurus out there making their predictions about the best opportunities to focus on in 2021 are WRONG.

New problems can't be solved with old perspectives. The changing of the guard is here, and the good news is that anyone who has the right map can get their hands on the treasure.

In many ways, for most, 2021 will be a much harder year - both personally and professionally. But...

For the few who understand the implications of the "YEAR OF THE SHOVEL," 2021 will be triumphant.

Bold claims for sure, so he'll be putting his money where his mouth is... literally. he's giving away $400 to five people live on the webinar. To qualify, you must show up on time and stay with him throughout the entire presentation. Deal? This means show up even a few minutes late or leave early and you will not qualify.

Are you in?

When you’re on as many online marketing related lists as I am… patterns emerge.

You have marketers who like a very direct approach. Every opportunity they show you is the ultimate opportunity, the one you must take right now. I get why they’re doing it - conviction sells - but I also believe there’s a lot more nuance to this.

Is every opportunity right for you?

It might be… and it might not be. Only you can be the judge of that - you have plenty of marketers who will tell you this, too. Once again, I believe there’s a lot more nuance to that.

Now which approach do I like?

It’s a question that every marketer struggles with.

Do you literally try and shove everything down people’s throats… or you take a more laid back approach and risk not only making less sales but also not helping someone who might need it?

It was one of the many rules of internet marketing - that you had to choose an approach.

This rule - and almost every other rule, too…

are out of the window now.

For example, if you want to succeed in 2021, neither of the approaches above is right.

Instead, you need to be 100% convinced about what you’re sending your list. You need to have conviction that can only come from having seen and used the product you’re selling.

Very few marketers are able to pull this off.

Some are just lazy, but that’s the minority.

The biggest problem is most honest, hard working marketers who are just starting out can’t afford to buy access to $5,000 courses to review them before selling to make sure they’re good.

However, if you’re not able to do that, what chance do you have to succeed in 2021, with all the new rules in place?

Pretty much none.

Unless you come to this training… where that problem (and a whole ton of others) are going to be solved for you in one fell swoop. Pretty amazing.

Here’s the registration link.


Now, since we’re in problem-solving mode, and since I think it’s super important that you come to this training…

I was so happy to discover that the marketers doing this training are going to give 5 people who come to the webinar

$400 each!

Now that’s a nice bonus and if you manage to be among the lucky 5 who get it - congratulations!

However - and this is more important…

The information you’re going to discover is going to let you create $400… $1,000… $2,000… perhaps even $10,000 or even more almost every time you feel like sending an email.

… in 2021 and beyond.

Why am I so certain and why am I telling you that this is the opportunity you must look at?