How To Harness The Power Of "Experience Products"

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

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Say Goodbye To The “Downward Death Spiral” Here is what is keeping you - and your potential customers - from succeeding: 

OVERWHELM from all the tasks to do, worksheets to download, emails to keep up with, and videos to watch. There is a better way. 

CONFUSION because you don’t know what to do first. You’re not quite sure where you are, where you’re going, or how you are going to get there. There is a better way.

FRUSTRATION at your lack of progress and the obstacles along the way, because you thought it was all supposed to be so easy. There is a better way.

STUCK. You don’t know how to move forward because you’re not sure where you’re going and what’s in it for you. The To-Dos pile up, the tasks get bigger and bigger... and you’re lost in the weeds, with everything inside you urging you to take the easy route and just quit.

On this live webinar, we’re going to end this downward death spiral once and for all, using the EXPERIENCE FORMULA. 

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  • Also On This Webinar, We’ll Cover... What If I Never Created A Product Before? What If I’m Not An Expert At All? How Much Time Is Needed? Are My Results Guaranteed? What If I’m Not Tech Savvy? Do I Need A Website? Will This Work For My Industry? Can I Get Personal Coaching? And any other questions you may have…

Here’s how you can get in on the ground floor of this “digital revolution”

Say you bought Apple stock the day it went public. 10 shares at $22 per share ($220 total) would be worth over $200k today. It pays to be early.  What you’ll discover on this free live webinar is not about the stock market, and you won’t have to wait 40 years for your returns either.  Instead, your payoff comes in a few weeks  when you discover: Why information isn’t where you'll find profits (if it were, anyone with a library card would be rich) 

The cure to the “97%” failure rate of online courses (most people who spend $2,000 on a product don’t even get through the product they spent the of money on)

Why you must have a “mission accomplished” button to smash if you ever hope to start making real money online

How to replace negative addictions (phones, games, apps) with positive ones (happiness, success, triumph, connection) 

They call it “e-learning”, and even pre-covid, the numbers were staggering.

People, more and more, are turning to self-education and purchasing online courses to help them solve problems and get ahead in the world.

Nearly 1 billion dollars a day are spent on such information products, taking this “niche” industry that only weirdos used to play in, and finally making it mainstream.

This is making the problems within the information business all the more glaring. The biggest problem is that most customers who buy information products, courses and programs never finish them.

By most, I mean 97.3%. When nearly everybody fails to even complete the thing they spent big money on, it tells me the problem isn’t with the customer… it’s the industry as a whole.

Do you smell opportunity?


What if there was a way you can flip this?

What if you could get nearly all customers of an info product to consume nearly all of that info product?

You’d get those customers better results, which is cool. But even better is you’d make more money more easily, because you’d have happier customers, higher success rates, more word of mouth, and best of all…

You’d sleep better at night knowing that you aren’t taking money from people who can’t get any benefit out of what they paid for.

The short answer to how you do this is called

the Experience Formula.

If you’d like to know what this formula is, and how you can use it, then you for sure want to check out this free training:


This training will serve you twice.

First, I know you buy products, like I do. So you’ll get a better strategy on getting more out of products you’ve recently bought or those you might buy in the future.

Second, you’ll be granted a new super power - one you can use, if you wish, to create a positive disruption and open up new profit possibilities.

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