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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Do you feel like there is simply too much to do to make money online? If so, you’ll love this free upcoming webinar.

You’re going to discover how to tap into a “done for you” system where you’ll do far less to make money online and actually make money online.

How is this possible? Because we’ve flipped the make money online industry on its head. Instead of profiting when you spend money with us, we figured out a hack to profit when we help you profit - without ever touching a single penny of your profits.

Since we’re bound by your success, we’re going to give you what you really need to be successful ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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Jason Fladlien was fired up tonight because his killing some sacred cows - things in the industry that you’re led to believe are true and will help you make profit, but actually keep you broke and spending money on courses and products. 

He is also going to extend to you an alternate path that is neither a “teaching you to fish” one nor a “catching the fish for you” approach. It’s better


If you’re not working toward your own goal, you’re working toward someone else’s.

The more whys you have and the more you’re in touch with those whys, the better you can use the hows you learn to get the money you want. 

You may have heard of one of Jason's big whys that only in the last year was he brave enough to finally share. It happened when he was around 8 years old. He fell out of a tree, ripping open his right hand in an attempt at grabbing a branch to stop his fall. 

Blood wasn’t just gushing out of his hand - it was spurting out with each heartbeat. 

That wasn’t the traumatic part, though. 

What ended up hurting him much more was when his father - instead of comforting him - yelled at him because he got hurt on a Sunday, meaning they had to go to the emergency room. But didn’t have the money to go. 

Embittered by the whole experience, Jason made a vow that very night that when he became a father, he would never put his family in a situation where money would ever be a consideration for basic care and safety.

As such, before age 10, money held a significant importance to him, and even as he failed at acquiring it time and again, his why kept getting him back up, and allowed him to keep moving forward despite the hardships. 

I too have picked up other powerful whys along the way. 

Like it or not, money is a form of control. Controlling others is not something that appeals to me, but I don’t like to be involuntarily put under the control of someone else. 

A lot of Americans are more or less controlled by health insurance, because they feel the need to take jobs that have health insurance as a benefit. 

But your occupation is where you will spend the majority of your waking hours. Most people spend more time at work than they do with their spouse or with their children, often in jobs where it’s incredibly hard (if not impossible) to substantially increase their salary. 

Trust me, it’s way harder than if you had your own business. 

Other nations that have either affordable health insurance or universal health care have other limitations placed by the powers that be which - due to lack of finances - greatly limit their options

Now it’s true, money isn’t everything.

But happiness isn’t everything either. Safety isn’t everything. Health isn’t everything. Nothing is everything. But on a scale of 1-10, I put money at about a 9.9 - especially in these times.

Maybe one day we’ll reach some sort of utopian harmony and make obsolete the need for money, but I bet on the sun exploding before this happens. 

Which leads me to a why Jason picked up after he became a multi-millionaire, and it’s centered around you. 

One way both Jason and I measure how good we are at what we do is by how many people we help achieve ethical success. It borders on codependency how much I want to take on your problems for you. 

Those in control in internet marketing are not too keen on a disruptor like Jason Fladlien coming in and shaking things up. 

Quite frankly, he has made a lot of these market leaders look bad. Though not his intention, but as a byproduct of the success he has had at Rapid Crush, it embarrassed a lot of these big names - who talked a good game, but were several million dollars behind him in many affiliate promotions... 

Even though they had twelve times the audience.

There are two ways you can outdo someone else: rise above them or drag them down. 

Most people would rather - at the end of the day - try to bring you down to their level than try to rise up to yours. 

Yes even in the internet marketing world, where gurus quote Tony Robbins like scripture, pretend to be enlightened through their positive thinking and so-called “abundance minded” attitudes… but when push comes to shove, they feel their expert position is threatened when some straight talker like Jason comes in, 10 years behind them in experience, and puts on a clinic. 

When I’ve been in the reverse position - where someone thoroughly outclassed me (it happens a lot) - I might get mad for a minute or two. But then I get excited. Because I have new things to learn. And I love learning. 

If these marketing masters came to Jason wanting to learn, he would freely share it with them, because the better he makes his competition, the better he must become, too. And here is what Jason would attempt to teach them, knowing full well most wouldn’t grasp the lesson, and it’s this: 

“Put the Customer First” 

It’s a simple 4 word phrase with an insane amount of nuance to it, that this already too long email can’t dive fully into. 

But one of the major aspects of putting the customer first is when, if you have leverage due to your market position, you use it for someone else’s gain instead of only your own. 

Examples: ​

  • Big gurus get access to basically any internet marketing course they want, because those course creators want an endorsement - or even better, a promotion - from those gurus. But what if those gurus could somehow give their customers such access?

  • Well capitalized companies can afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on ads for a promotion just to get data, with no need of turning a profit. What if we could take that ad buying power and apply it on the customer’s behalf?

  • Or what if we could - out of millions of dollars - earmark funds like a war chest to underwrite our customers’ risks, so that if they just do what they’re supposed to do and don’t get a result, you just pay the customer for their time or effort. 

Or my favorite: 

Outright buying product licenses for other products through exclusive deals, where I’m the only one who can distribute them to my customers... for free. 

Jason and Wil have done well at Rapid Crush because they’ve always had that attitude. Plus, they always look at ways of improving how it shows up for their customers. 

And this is the best way they’ve ever come up with here:

Watch the replay

First Jason will show you what is going on behind the scenes of how the internet marketing game is really played, then he will show you how they've deployed massive advantages on your behalf, that usually only the big names have. 

Not one or two or three different ways, but in more ways than you have fingers on your hands to count.

Time is short because the live event has happened, so get signed up, and then watch the replay. 


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