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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Imagine you've been tasked to build an iPhone from scratch. You’ve got the raw materials (so no mining for ore at least), you’ve got the talent, let’s assume you even got the blueprints, the schematics, whatever. But no experience, no tools, no team around you.

You’d agree it would be pretty hard, right?

Add to it the following: You and your family would starve if you didn’t get it done in about 2 weeks.

Plus, you have a day job and loved ones to take care of.

How realistic does that sound now?

Sounds completely impossible, right?

Yet, that’s how most people try to build their online business. They’ve got the raw materials (internet is accessible to everyone), they’ve got the talent (because you don’t need a whole ton of talent to succeed online), they’ve got the blueprints and schematics (all the courses they bought in the past)...

But they fail because in 2020, a successful online business is a bit like the iPhone… simple on the surface, insanely complex on the inside.

Adding to the pressure is the fact is you can’t get one thing wrong. If you do, nothing works… simply because you forgot something, didn’t know you needed to do something, or just didn’t know how to do that one thing.

And there are thousands of these pitfalls.

Now, what about outsourcing?

Simple, right? You don’t know how to write persuasive copy? Well, hire a copywriter. You don’t know how to build funnels? Surely, there’s an expert on that, right? You don’t know how to design pages? Designers are a-plenty.

All that’s left for you to do is to put all of this together, and boom… right?

Not really.

It just opens another can of worms. Do these experts really know what they’re doing? Can you afford the exorbitant prices they’re asking? How do you put all of their output together in a way that makes you money?

And so on and so forth.

However… this can be solved. In one fell swoop.

I have an expert standing by for you ready to explain all the details… and no, it’s not an outsourcing course or anything. Details are here:

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Real talk: as it stands right now, you have a snowflake's chance in hell of succeeding online if you're a lone warrior. 

In 2020, there's just too much stuff you need to know and take care of, and you need to do it perfectly the first time around. No mistakes. You see, today, building a successful online business is like building an electric car. From scratch - mining for cobalt included.

So it only makes sense you outsource things. But who do you outsource to? Fiverr, Upwork, and the like? Nah. Too many risks... and too expensive when you look at the bottom line.

What if you were able to outsource all the stuff you can't afford to get wrong to pros who have a $100 million+ track record?

What if you were able to hire me, Jason Fladlien, personally along with all the might of my company to fight in your corner for a fraction it would cost you in freelancer fees?

Join me on this live web event to discover how we'll make it work.

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