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Ministry of Freedom

This is the BEST Programme I have invested in

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Ministry of Freedom Review:

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the ministry of freedom or MOF. If you are into the YouTube marketing and affiliate business you probably have heard of the Ministry of Freedom or Jono Armstrong. He is the “king” of YouTube marketing and a mentor who is helping a lot of students make profits through his courses. Before we proceed towards our actual review, we should first discuss what the Ministry of Freedom is and who is Jono Armstrong?

Who is Jono Armstrong?

Jono Armstrong is originally from the United Kingdom, but he moved to Indonesia. He started making money online in 2004. He is not a born millionaire. He earned all that he has today. He is a person who learned by trying again and again, and in this way, he mastered the affiliate marketing world and is now making a 7-figure income.

His journey was rough at the start but as he learned from mistakes, his journey became enjoyable and set the start of his financial freedom. Now, he is teaching his students what he has learned from his lifelong career in affiliate marketing. He is not like the online Guru’s you will see sitting in the Lamborghini and trying to teach you only through their words, Jono Armstrong performs everything in front of you with live proofs he teaches you.

So far, all his students are making money online, no student has ever complained that he does not understand something or unable to apply a strategy. The team of Jono Armstrong personally help students and help them make money.

What is the Ministry of Freedom?

This is a course of 9 weeks that you can participate in online at your own pace too...some people have been able to complete and action the 9 weeks within 3 – 4 weeks. This high-quality online training course includes all the essentials that you need to start working online. This course is created by the Top “Best of the Best” of the Affiliate world, Jono Armstrong. The course includes all the tools that you will need and how to use them, all the tactics and knowledge about things that you should do to get better results from normal affiliates.

It includes creating a mindset, sharing information and knowledge about tools and applications, use of paid ads or organic, from creation to launch of your own products. Email lists, email marketing, YouTube SEO, and video ads strategies.

The course also includes the membership of a private support group on Facebook for students of the Ministry of Freedom. In this group, Jono Armstrong and his team answer all the questions asked and have weekly Q&A meetings and live sessions with students to update about the new or better strategies.

This course is designed in a way that is equally helpful for people at every level, it is helpful even if you are a complete beginner. Jono Armstrong personally guides you through the program. This course is for everyone who is looking forward to changing their life.

Is this Course for me (a complete beginner)?

Yes, this course is for every level from complete beginners to intermediate knowledge peeps and even for the professional who is looking forward to improving their performance and gains more profits. Even if you are a beginner, after completing this course, you will be able to get similar results to the other students.

This course includes A to Z information and Jono Armstrong also teaches about every tool that you will need, so you do not need any extra training to learn about the tools, not only the tools but also the strategies and how to implement them, the proper time to implement them and where to implement them. This is a complete course that covers all the aspects of affiliate marketing. That is why it is good for both beginners and professionals.

Is it a scam?

Just a big “No” is the answer to this question. It is a course that is mentored by a person, who learned everything from trying and he developed the ways for himself to make more money and now he is teaching his methods to students that he himself has applied. Also, Jono Armstrong does not teach just by talking, he also shows you the live experiments and their results.

I don't know of any affiliate programme that helps you like Ministry of Freedom... so much so that Jono even sends traffic to your YouTube reviews...sharing in his following.

Is it worth trying? Who should try this?

Yes, it is 100% worth trying. But only if you are a person who is wanting to enhance your affiliate experience, want passive income. This course is built for the people who are ready to take a step to improve their life and they are ready to work for it. This course is for the people who want to learn and who want to work(as this is not a “get rich quick” scheme) and then they want to earn.

You have nothing to lose but an hour of your time to listen to this FREE webinar.

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