Results Are The ONLY Thing That Matters

You ever hear “actions speak louder than words”?

Well in the last 72 hours, 3 new students took very specific action inside of “Ministry of Freedom” system and they’ve ALL made over 3 figures in that time!

The really cool part?

None of them believed it was possible before now, but they followed the

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YES - this is the exact blueprint for making 5K in monthly commissions in as little as 20 days

YES - you can scale this to 10K per month or MORE in less than 55 days … in fact some beta testers achieved much more in even LESS time …

YES - you can make this work in just 2 hours of spare time a week

YES - Jono gives you every template, tool and resource required … so NO you won’t need a budget for traffic or software

YES - this has more proof of student results than ANY OTHER program in its class

YES - you get live support, coaching and access to a community of action takers that will FORCE you to succeed

IMPORTANT: Ministry of Freedom is much more than an affiliate marketing program.

That’s the tip of the iceberg … to get you up and earning extremely quickly.

But from there, Jono lays out EVERY trick in his portfolio.

And considering this guy made over one million dollars last year …

These are the types of tricks that make money appear from everywhere:

* Launch jacking as a shortcut to earning in less than 3 hours

* Quick hacks to ranking your videos for FREE traffic

* The art of list building and making 4 figures a day from emails

* Untapped traffic sources for growing your buyer’s list by the 1000s

* Exactly how to transition into product creation [where the BIG money is]

* Successfully promoting BIG ticket offers that can make you 1K or more PER SALE

* And much, much more

Take this, run with it … and you can have the best of BOTH worlds: quick & easy commissions today, while growing multiple assets that continue to pay you tomorrow.

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Because there’s no way for this method to get saturated, Jono has opened the doors to his exclusive Ministry of Freedom program.

Here are some more highlights of what’s included in this revolutionary all-inclusive system:

** The checklist that makes applying this proven method copy & paste simple

** 8 full weeks of guided coaching and training

** 3 live calls a week to answer ANY of your questions and keep you on track

** the exact script Jono uses to effortlessly make review videos that convert

** the exact ad templates for running low cost Google ads, if you don’t want to make videos

** $100 ad credit so you can start getting traffic with zero expense

** the exact bonus page template responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales

** Done for You bonuses to offer as incentives to skyrocket your commissions

** access to Jono’s GROWING targeting audiences for a game-changing traffic advantage

** full community support from experts, coaches and fellow marketers in your corner

** every product Jono has ever created, retail value over $3700

** custom ads software for effortlessly driving clicks for pennies

** advanced methods for making high ticket commissions [1K + PER sale] … the same methods Jono has used to earn 20K in a single day

** ongoing access to Jono and his expert team

** plus so much more

This is the most complete, proven commission-generating system available.

But there’s even more: Jono is SO invested in your success, he’ll personally send traffic to YOUR affiliate links … virtually guaranteeing you make sales!

There is no other program with this level of support, anywhere.

Every aspect of MOF has been optimized to perfection from thousands of campaigns.

There is NO guesswork … this is as predictable as the sun coming up tomorrow.

With every tool you need included … a paint-by-numbers checklist to follow … and EPIC coaching and support in your corner …

You can’t mess this up. But if for some crazy reason you do, Jono will give you every penny of your investment back, PLUS an extra $100 for your trouble.

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