The case against 98% of DFY systems

In the world of online income systems, there’s been a real trend towards

‘Done for You’ [DFY] lately.

It’s obvious why - most people are lazy.

So product creators have found more people are willing to buy something

that’s described as DFY.

Problem: most so-called DFY products just don’t work as advertised.

They’re either not ‘done for you’ & require more work than getting a PhD in physics …

OR they don’t work at all, and are instead untested fairy tales put out by unknown marketers hoping for a few quick sales.

Wanna know how to spot the difference between DFY that works and DFY

that sucks?

Look at the names of the product creators and check their track records.

Tomorrow a DFY solution that ACTUALLY WORKS is being released by 2 multi-million dollar marketers … Mike Filsaime and Jono Armstrong.

Go ahead and Google these guys and you’ll find all the evidence you need that

they’re the real deal.

Their Vanquish system includes 2 unique softwares and built-in monetization …

for practically a giveaway price.

It’s DFY done right - fully tested and approved by dozens of extremely picky marketers.

So if you’re after an almost fully-automated way to make 3-4 figure commissions per day … stay tuned for my next message when I’ll share how you can get all the details.

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