The Greatest Marketing Machine Ever not a computer. Doesn’t come from software. And predates the internet.  It’s a simple one, too: THE LEVER. From a lever you get leverage. Leverage allows you to move things that would otherwise be impossible to move. In a literal sense, with the right lever and placement, you could move earth, as my boy Archimedes stated 2,300 years ago.  Your skill is a form of leverage. But if you don’t have much skill... you don’t have much leverage :(  Time can be another great lever - provided you’re good with how you utilize time. Most people are not, including me this morning. I was planning on writing this email to you much earlier, but the kids talked me into a “5 minute” game of Roblox that went on for 2 hours. Oops.  Money can provide leverage, but it’s often a poor substitute for ingenuity. You can hire people who can engage in lower level activities, and if you can somehow combine their parts to make a greater whole, the excess value will flow to you in the form of profit.  Information is my favorite form of leverage, because if you know something others don’t, you can make more informed decisions. But information is tricky to gauge the value of, because the value of information changes more rapidly than the stock market.  So which of these types of leverage should you go after first? 

  1. Skill

  2. Time

  3. Money

  4. Labor

  5. Information

Likely you’re probably trying to gain leverage in most, if not all, of these areas, attempting to ride several horses at once.  Now what if, instead, I could hand you over significant leverage in all of those areas.  Skill -  I don’t know if I’m the best in the world at webinars, but I do know that I am universally regarded as the best - so if I could give you a brand new, done for you webinar, you’re leveraging my skill.  Time - when I’m focused, I’m quite productive. I’ve created over 100 information products, and have even published trainings on time management and productivity, because I got tired of people asking me “how do you get so much done?” And I want to put my time to use for you.  Money - it’s no secret I have lots of it. And I try to put it to good use, too. A lot of rich people either like to horde their money or spend it like drunken sailors. I don’t know which is worse. I am a bit more prudent. I hate waste, but I’m quick to invest and often I get great returns on my investments, because I invest in what I know - which is in internet marketing.  And I want to spend a lot of that money on your behalf.  Labor - A lot of marketers masquerade as one-man shows, to keep up the facade that they are just like you, when in reality, they have a whole team behind them that does a lot of the work (while getting none of the credit). I have a lean, mean crew backing me, many of whom have been with us for many years. I want you to leverage my team. Information - how to do something is important. What to do is even more important. When and where to do it though? I’d say that’s the most important of all. Point being is, I know things that are about to occur that no one else knows, because I get first right of refusal on all the big things happening in the market. I want to share that insider information with you.  And that’s what we do with Affiliate Triad, which you can join for just $349 here:


To speak plainly, I’m going to give you a brand new webinar each month and a whole funnel to promote it.  I personally spend between 35-50 hours per month on these done for you funnels.  I also pay for the 3rd party software for you to run these funnels, and this software includes email, membership, shopping cart, hosting, automation and a whole host of other slick stuff.  Beyond that, my team works hard on these “done for you’s” because this is our only focus at Rapid Crush.  Gone are the days we had our fingers in multiple pies. We’re hunkered down on Affiliate Triad as our jam for the long haul.  And even though Affiliate Triad is not a training program (it’s done for you) I’d argue that it’s better than any other training program you could find out there… at any price...because I’m constantly revealing the behind the scenes of how I create the things I create. In fact, there are tons of insights in there from me that I only share with Affiliate Triad members, because they are the only ones who have the right context to understand the insights I’m providing.  I want you IN because I think it will be your best chance of success:


And if this offer seems too good to be true (and surely sounds like it) then here is how I’m able to make all of this value work. For each dollar I make you, I get a dime.  HOLD UP! I don’t take a dime out of your dollar. A third party gives me 10% extra on top of what you make.  So when I say I want to make you a millionaire, know that if I do, you just made me $100,000. That’s how we’re able to give you otherwise impossible-to-deliver-upon solutions for such a low investment:

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