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You're aware that you are only ONE PROGRAM away from a six figure year, right? 

Especially if that Affiliate Program uses the right formula, is done with “traffic built-in" to it, and targets the right “problems.” 

My name is Karen and I have a confession to make - when it comes to succeeding online, I have a secret weapon - Jason Fladlien. He's created hundreds of products that have done five, six, seven and even 8 figures in sales. 

Jason is one of my favorite marketers so when he extended me the opportunity for me to join Affiliate Triad Program, I jumped on it.  

There’s no risk for you… so act now and if you change your mind later, that’s fine. 

If you missed the live webinar, don't worry...

Many incredible secrets were revealed on this special webinar, and you can watch the replay for free as my guest.  Watch the Replay Now!

Your competitive edge is about to go away...

Marketers selling products to you don’t want another expense. So they create a group on Facebook and call it a “community” where “you can interact with like-minded individuals, share advice, while there are unicorns dancing in green meadows.”


If only. You see, most often that community will be dead - people won’t post there because there’s so much more interesting stuff on Facebook (pictures of ex love interests, news to argue about, Becky’s new Acura). Or people will just come there to vent about the product because it’s bad.

Either way, you won’t find your tribe on Facebook. Sorry.

There’s another way, though, as I recently discovered.

Recently I’ve joined a program called Affiliate Triad where they’ve built an amazing community. NOT on Facebook… but on Slack.

It’s a platform that’s used by the likes of Airbnb, Shopify, Dropbox, Pinterest and other HUGE companies to take care of their internal communication.

It’s free for members of Affiliate Triad (the program creators foot the tens of thousands of dollars it costs) - and it’s the best community I’ve ever been a part of.

There are mentors, there are like minded folks, there’s unity and positivity in the best sense of the words.

Want to be a part of this?

Watch this training while it’s up:


It’s a life-changing experience… and it’s good for your health, too, as it turns out.

However, the chance to join is time-limited. So make sure you watch the video now:

Here’s just a few things you can look forward to… that will be given to you.

  1. Every month, you’ll get a killer offer for you to promote - and you’ll get 100% unique funnels with a world class webinar and other marketing materials around it. And you keep all the profits.

  2. You’ll build your own email list without any confusing tech or anything. It’s going to be your biggest asset, free and clear yours, forever in perpetuity.

  3. You’ll also get “done for you” emails forever. Not just for the promotions, but also to keep your list warm in-between promotions.

  4. You’ll be able to offer your customers exclusive bonuses… without ever having to worry about fulfilling or supporting them.

  5. Plus, you’ll have reseller licenses to brilliant products to further build your list and profit.

  6. Then, there are training webinars where you’ll get world class coaching about how to make all of this work for you, what works best - and what to avoid. Plus, product review access - so you can honestly review and promote these products with confidence and excitement.

  7. You’ll become a part of a tribe on Slack - and be able to connect with other marketers to have the best chance of succeeding..

  8. Mentors, member spotlights… and much, much more.

Did I mention you can try it out risk free?


Check out my Affiliate Triad Review: HERE

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