The myth of size

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

If you grew up in a town with less than 50,000 people, then that is smaller than the number of individuals who have bought something from me. 

So you’d think that when I send out an email, it gets read by tens of thousands. Or when I do a webinar, we easily have a thousand people on. 

I wish.

The more well known you become, or the bigger the following you amass, the smaller the percentage of engagement you get. 

Not everyone is as forthcoming about this as I am. I’ve been hosted on webinars by so-called “traffic experts” who struggle to get 200 people to show up. Influencers like to impress you with the number of likes, followers and subscribers they have, but here’s the thing…

Those influencers almost never show up on promotional leaderboards. 

When it comes to those big product launches, the competition is fierce. First prize for these promotions can be as big as $100,000 for the top referrer, but second prize might be “only” $25,000 - or even less. 

So real money is on the line above and beyond affiliate commissions. Plus, there are bragging rights. No one wants to lose to anyone else (we’re dealing with type-A entrepreneurs here). 

The product creators know this and use this to get affiliates to promote harder and go crazier by publishing and updating these leaderboards and teasing the affiliates who aren’t in the top 10 to step up, and pit affiliate against affiliate.

I’m not a fan of it - because it can get vicious when people start losing. But I do love watching the leaderboards to see who can make sales and who just acts like it. 

You’d think it would always be big names, gurus, and experts in the top 10 of these big product promotions. Rarely is that the case, though. Without fail, every leaderboard always has a few names on it that make me scratch my head. 

I have no idea who these folks are, but damn! They crush. And I go into detective mode to figure out their story. And almost every time, the story is the same. They were a customer of the product and loved it so much, they enthusiastically promoted it, and lo and behold - they sold tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) - purely off of their passion for the product.

Their lists didn’t exist. Their marketing skills are not worth writing home about. But none of that matters because they transferred their feeling of excitement for the product onto the customer. 

Think of it this way - a lot of products get launched for $2,000 and offer 50% commission per sale to an affiliate. To get into the top 10 on leaderboards, you’d be surprised to find that you might only need 25-ish sales. That’s $25,000 you’d make on that promotion. Nice. And that’s only 25 people.

Some of these product enthusiasts hang out in small, tight-knit communities so picking up 25 sales is not a big deal. Or, they have friends who’ve heard them harp about how great the product is, and just purely on a friends and family basis they pick up 10 to 20 (or more). 

That’s why we absolutely recommend you only promote products that you have access to and can get excited about. Which is a big part of what we do for our cornerstone program - Affiliate Triad. 

We’re opening it up again for a few short days before the next big announcement we’re making for our Affiliate Triad members - and I’d like you to be in on it. 

Because of the timing, I want you to check this out right away by watching this video:


One of the big benefits is product review access. It’s just one of the benefits. There are so many more that I can’t do it justice in this email. So check it out here for the short time it’s online. 

-Jason “size sort of matters” Fladlien

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