Try on these specific profit streams (training inside)

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Check it:

  • Chainsaw chaps - $3,555.09 per month. Net profit.

  • Comic book boards - $2,173.82 per month. Net Profit. 

  • Odor elimination candle - $3,392.99 per month. Net profit. 

  • CPAP mask cushion - $4,574.21 per month. Net profit. 

You can and should sell these products and thousands of others like them on Amazon.

The perk here is that they already have great ratings - the chainsaw chaps are rated 4.5 stars with 1,817 reviews. The comic book boards have a solid 5 star rating.  The candle is 4.5 stars after 6,371 reviews. And the CPAP cushion is 4.5 stars after 1,819 reviews. 

So we have great products that are proven sellers who do well on Amazon… despite themselves. 

Take the chaps for instance - here is the main image selling these beauts: 

See that grey line running down the right side of the photo? Yeah, I didn’t add that… it’s part of the actual image that is supposed to sell you on these pants. 

Now, I don’t own a chainsaw much less chainsaw chaps. But I do know the brand who created these chaps (Forester) has no clue how poorly their resellers are doing at representing their brand on Amazon

Like the fact this product uses only the image you see above for all of its images - meaning the other 8 potential image slots remain empty. 

Such a waste. 

Yet these chaps bring in - per reseller - $3,555.09 per month. On one hand, becoming nothing more than just another reseller (a trivial matter really) would start bringing you in $3,555.09 per month. Yes, I already accounted for your profit share. 

But imagine if you… I dunno… added a second image. Or maybe updated the first bullet point from: “Meets ASTM F1897. OSHA 1910.266. UL Certified” to something a little more catchy. 

So how do you go about finding such products and becoming resellers for them, so you can tap into immediate, passive streams of Amazon profits? 

By watching this training I just did yesterday:


To be clear, the training is a set up. 

I want you to understand the exact process of how you could do it all on your own just from watching what I show you - but I hope instead you’ll invest in the formula at the end to get most of the heavy lifting done and out of the way for you. 

Of course, I sweetened the deal. By a lot with a tasty bonus package

There is a lot to learn here, so buckle in and let me show you step-by-step exactly the approach I’d show to my children if they wanted to start an Amazon business:


And time is of the essence. I want you to get going now so you can tap into the Prime Day sales event happening in October, and then roll right into the Black Friday sales event after. 

If you really want to learn something and be blown away, then register for Monday's live webinar HERE