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Most think they’d make more money online if only they could get traffic. My experience suggests otherwise.  I find that if you do enough of the other stuff right, traffic comes to you naturally as a by-product.  If you can convert, people will give you their traffic to help turn browsers into buyers.  If you have something valuable to say, people will want to partner with you to help you leverage that expertise for a share of the money.  If you don’t have a good offer and good sales copy, no amount of traffic buying, SEO or content marketing can make up for it. 

And even if you do get a lot of traffic, you’ll find most of it is not that targeted. I can get any one of you thousands of visitors to any of your websites virtually overnight, and I can do so for a couple bucks. 

But it wouldn’t convert. Even with a smoking hot offer and a really good webinar. Because the easy obvious traffic available is also the most worthless traffic online. 

Once upon a time I ran an offer where I paid affiliates $1 per double-opted-in confirmed email subscribers. The first few days I made this offer, I lost my shirt. Then I glanced at my analytics and noticed most of my traffic was coming from one specific corner of the world where the average income by person was exceptionally low. 

I blocked all traffic from that geographical area from accessing my website and started making money hand over first… even though I had lost 95% of my web visitors overnight. 

Quality over quantity is good advice for most things but it’s the best advice for driving traffic online. And the quality traffic really can be paid for off of Facebook ads or any other ads. 

It can be gained for free if you have the right “bait” though. And I think I have just that “bait” for you here: Check it out

Furthermore, good traffic is something of a misnomer. I don’t want 1,000 unique web visitors to see an offer. I want 10 people who come back to that page 10 times. I don’t drive a lot of traffic to most things, but the traffic I do drive, I proactively stay in touch with and build a long term relationship with. Like with you.  You don’t hear from me once but often. And I can sell and re-sell you on ideas, insights and concepts as well as products.  What if we did that for you - nurtured your audience on your behalf in between any monetization strategies you wanted to roll out to that audience? 

That is just one of many benefits that we have figured out here:WATCH NOW

Jason “playing in traffic" Fladlien

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