why most things you try fail

Value in advance. A simple phrase that, if understood, could make you a fortune. Almost all fortunes are started this way, and often the quickest way to accelerate a small profit into a big financial windfall is with value in advance. 

So what does that look like? 

Most people who try to make money online want the person who gives them money to take all the chances and assume all the risks. This is why most things you try fail. 

The only way to make up for this is with massive selling skills, reputation, proof, and all sorts of other chicken-egg type stuff. (How can you get proof without customers? But how do you get customers without proof?) 


Value in advance subverts this.

But because the risk shifts from them to YOU, you must be careful. You might spend all day or week creating something to show someone to prove that not only are you capable of helping them, but you can get them immediate results... only to find they don’t care. Or worse, they use what you give them for free while ghosting you. 

Ugh. It’s still worth it though, because if you keep showing up with value in advance, eventually you’ll hit it big. 

But maybe you don’t have the luxury of time. A lot of people right now are hanging on by a thin thread financially. I’m not talking about having to downgrade to a less nice vehicle or go on one less vacation… 

I’m talking about choosing between not eating or not paying the rent. 

In such a situation, if I teach you how to fish for yourself, you’ll die of starvation before you land your dinner. 

Extreme times call for extreme measures. 

I believe I have something for you that will allow you to create, in a few short minutes, something of immense value to the right person. I also believe you already have such people in your life right now that you can show this value to… who would be beyond grateful for it. 

Best of all… I believe it has a built-in reason for them to want to pay you money for it, naturally, automatically, and without any finesse on your part. 

I sought out this specific solution for you because of the times we are currently in. The greatest challenges also produce the greatest opportunities, and here is the one I want you to try:


It’s free to attend. It’s new. This training has never been seen before because it has never been done before. It works like crazy, but has never been taught. Until now. 

It will all make sense when you see it. It can't be conveyed in words yet it can easily be shown to you in a way you’ll get, and more importantly, and get how it can immediately make a huge difference in your near-term financial future (meaning, in your bank account and your wallet).

So sign up now:


...and be ready to use it. It can take you less than 10 minutes a day, and has a good chance of producing an actual, monetary result within 48 hours or less from first use. For real. 

Kind regards


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